Randy Boissonnault

Your member of parliament for

Edmonton Centre

Randy Boissonnault

Your member of parliament for

Edmonton Centre


Our Pollution Pricing Plan and Rebates for Edmontonians


Premier Kenney has repealed Alberta’s carbon price, taking Alberta backwards on climate action and taking away cash rebates from Edmontonians and their families. 

We know that the economy and the environment go hand in hand, and our government is stepping up with our own pollution pricing plan to return money to Albertans and take action against climate change, coming into effect January 1, 2020.

Let’s be clear – under our plan, once implemented, all the money collected from the federal price on pollution will be returned to Albertans.

A family of four in Edmonton will receive a Climate Action Incentive rebate of at least $888, which is more than they would have received under the Provincial plan. We designed our plan to ensure that we can take action on climate change while making life affordable for families.

90% will go to cash rebates for every Albertan, while 10% will help small businesses, schools and other organizations become more energy efficient.

Our plan will allow for lowered emissions, cleaner air, more opportunities for businesses with clean solutions, and more money directly into the pockets of Edmontonians.

Only 2 out of 10 people – the biggest energy consumers – will spend more than they get back.

That’s confirmed by the independent Parliamentary Budget Officer.

Our Climate Plan

Putting a price on pollution is just one part of our climate plan. Climate change is real and recent floods, droughts, forest fires and extreme heat are imposing huge economic and human costs. Canada also has the chance to take advantage of the clean economy worth trillions of dollars.

Our climate plan has over 50 measures is ambitious, effective and makes life affordable and creates good middle class jobs:

✔  Phasing out coal by 2030 while supporting a just transition for workers;

✔  Historic investments in public transit and renewable energy, including investments in the Edmonton Valley Line LRT;

✔  Support for clean solutions by entrepreneurs creating good jobs;

✔  Helping hospitals, schools, and businesses to be more energy efficient and save money.

While conservatives like Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer are trying to take us backwards and make pollution free again, we are stepping up to take climate action.

Myths Debunked: